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Dermot O’Riordan

Chief Clinical Information Officer, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

I absolutely see the need to move away from bleeps as yesterday’s technology which just interrupts people’s workflow without telling them what the message is.

Medic Bleep’s NHS IG Toolkit, ICO and ISO27001 certification means patient data will be kept safe and secure. With its stringent security guidelines and multiple rounds of audits, Medic Bleep is regularly tested to maintain its certifications.

IT Benefits of Medic Bleep:

  • Security and data privacy – GDPR and NHS IG compliance: Provision of compliant (GDPR finable: €20 million) and efficient organisation communication
  • Integration with existing hospital systems: We support Electronic Health Record integration, solution integration and implementation.
  • Audit trail and retrieval: The audit trail provides accountability and insurance to the organisation and it’s staff as a record for patient record and audit purposes
  • Mass onboarding and user management: Maintain full control over user access with easy add/remove capabilities, batch uploading.
  • Business Intelligence: Dashboard and reporting for key communication metrics within your organisation.
  • Mass messaging by department or organisation-wide: Send system status updates or policy changes to a specific department or the entire organisation at once.
  • Backup communication channel: In an EHR or phone system outage, Medic Bleep's healthcare communication technology solution functions as a default way to keep the communication channels open and information flowing.
  • Business continuity: In March 2018, Vodafone shut down its pager support. As a supplier to 60% of the NHS, business continuity at massive risk.
ICO Reference Number: ZA234286
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